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Ayahuasca: alkaloids, plants & analogs
assembled by Keeper of the Trout
Section 2 :
Descriptions for some of the species used in brewing ayahuasca or jurema

From Barneby 1991, Gates 1982 & 1986, Schultes 1975a & 1978c & 1979c & 1983a & 1986a and also W3TROPICOS at

See references for more detail

Malpighiaceae (Barbados cherry family)

Banisteria argentea (Humboldt, Bonpland & Knuth) Sprengel, Syst. Veg. (1825): 388. [=Banisteriopsis muricata]

Banisteriopsis argentea (Humboldt, Bonpland & Knuth) Robinson, in Small, North American Flora. 25(1910): 133. [=Banisteriopsis muricata]

Banisteria Caapi Spruce ex Grisebach, Martius, Flora Brasilensis 12(1858): 43.

Banisteriopsis Caapi (Spruce ex Grisebach) Morton, Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences 21(1931): 486. [Also given as 21(1931)485]

Banisteriopsis Cabrerana Cuatrecasas in Webbia 13(1958): 493. [Also given as 23 pt. 1 (1958) 493.] [= Diplopterys cabrerana]

Banisteria ferruginea Cavanilles in Dissertation 9(1790): 423, t. 248.

Banisteriopsis inebrians Morton in Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences 21(1931): 485. [Considered synonymous with B. caapi by Gates.]

Banisteria longialata Niedenzu, in Ind. Lect. Lyc. Brunsb. (1900): 10. [Also given as (1901): 18.] [=Banisteriopsis longialata (Niedenzu) B.Gates, comb. nov. according to Gates 1982.]

Banisteriopsis longialata (Niedenzu) B.Gates, comb. nov. in Flora Neotropica 30(1982) 195

Banisteriopsis longialata Niedenzu = Banisteriopsis longialata (Niedenzu) B.Gates, comb. nov. according to Gates 1982.

Banisteria lutea Grisebach, in Linnaea 22(1849): 15.

Banisteriopsis lutea (Grisebach) Cuatrecasas, Ciencia (Mexico) 23: 141. 1964.

Banisteriopsis Martiniana (Juss.) Cuatrecasas var. laevis Cuatrecasas in Webbia 13(1958): 502.

Banisteriopsis Martiniana (Juss.) Cuatrecasas var. subenervia Cuatrecasas in Webbia 13(1958): 501.

Banisteria? metallicolor Adr. Jussieu in Saint Hilaire, Fl. bras. mer. 3(1832[1833]): 46. [= Banisteriopsis muricata .]

Banisteriopsis metallicolor (Adr. Juss.) O'Donell & Lourteig, in Lilloa 9(1943): 260. [Also given as 9(1943): 259.] [= Banisteriopsis muricata .]

Banisteria muricata Cavanilles in Tom. III. Nona Dissertatio Botanica (1790) 423.

Banisteriopsis muricata (Cavanilles) Cuatrecasas in Webbia 13(1958): 502. [Also as 13(1958): 503]

Banisteriopsis nitrosiodora (Grisebach) O'Donnell & Lourteig, Lilloa 9(1943): 260. [=Banisteriopsis lutea (Grisebach) Cuatrecasas according to Gates 1982.]

Banisteria quitensis Niedenzu in Lect. Lyc. Brunsberg (1900-01): 10 [Also given as (1900) Malpigh. 427.]

Banisteriopsis quitensis (Niedenzu) Morton in Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences 21(1931): 486. [Gates considered synonymous with B. caapi.]

Banisteria rusbyana Niedenzu, in Ind. Lect. Lyc. Brunsb,: 18. 1901. [= Banisteriopsis longialata (Niedenzu) B.Gates, comb. nov. according to Gates 1982]

Banisteriopsis Rusbyana (Niedenzu) Morton in Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences 21(1931): 487. [Also given as 21(1937): 486] [= Banisteriopsis longialata (Niedenzu) B.Gates, comb. nov. according to Gates 1982] See also comments under Diplopterys cabrerana .

Banisteriopsis rusbyana sensu ethnobotanists, non(Niedenzu) Morton = Diplopterys cabrerana (Cuatrecasas) B.Gates, according to Gates 1982.

Diplopterys cabrerana (Cuatrecasas) B.Gates in Brittonia 31(1979): 109. Diplopterys cabrerana has been often and erroneously referred to as Banisteriopsis rusbyana ever since Morton improperly applied that name to a sterile ethnobotanical collection [Klug 1971]. [Banisteriopsis rusbyana (Niedenzu) Morton is a different plant according to Gates 1982, who examined Klug 1971 and numerous examples of verified B. rusbyana, misidentified B. rusbyana & verified D. cabrerana. It is unclear whether B. rusbyana has actually seen any analysis.]

Heteropterys argentea Humboldt, Bonpland & Knuth, Nov. Gen. et Sp. Pl. 5(1821[1822]): 165. [=Banisteriopsis muricata]

Lophanthera lactescens Ducke in Arch. Jard. Bot. Rio Janeiro 4(1925): 103.

Mascagnia glandulifera Cuatrecasas in Webbia 13(1958): 265.

Mascagnia psilophylla Grisebach var. antifebrilis Niedenzu in Pflanzenreich. Heft 91, 4, Fam. 141, parte 1(1928): 121.

Tetrapterys methystica R.E.Schultes in Bot. Mus. Leaflt., Harvard Univ. 16(1954): 202. (Also spelled Tetrapteris)

Tetrapterys mucronata Cavanilles, Monadelphiae Classis Dissertationes Decem 9(1790): 434, t. 262, f.2.

Tetrapterys styloptera A.Jussieu in Annales des Sciences Naturelles; Botanique, sér. 2 Bot. 13(1840) 262. [=T. methystica R.E.Schultes]

Rubiaceae (Madder family)

Psychotria alba Ruíz et Pavón , Flora Peruviana 2(1799): 58, t. 205,

Psychotria carthagenensis Jacquin, Enum. Pl. Carib. (1760): 16 [See also Revisio Generum Plantarum 2(1891): 959.] (Also appears spelled carthaginensis)

Psychotria horizontalis Swartz (1788) Nova Genera et Species Plantarum seu Prodromus 44

Psychotria leiocarpa

Psychotria marginata Swartz, Nova Genera et Species Plantarum seu Prodromus (1788) 43.

Psychotria poeppigiana Müll. Arg. (aka Jean Müller) Flora Brasiliensis 6(5)(1881): 370

Psychotria stenostachya Standley Publications of the Field Colombian Museum, Botanical Series 8(3)(1930): 207.

Psychotria viridis Ruíz et Pavón, Flora Peruviana 2(1799): 61, t. 210.

Leguminosae (Bean Family)

Acacia hostilis Martius in Spix & Martius Reise Bras. 1(1823): 555

Acacia tenuiflora Willdenow Species Plantarum. Editio quarta 4(2)(1806): 1088

Mimosa apodocarpa var. hostilis (Martius) Hassler Repertorium Specierum Novarum Regni Vegetabilis 9(1910): 1

Mimosa cabrera H.Karsten Florae Columbiae terraumque adjacentium specimina selecta in peregrinatione duodecim annorum observata delineavit et descripsit 2(1863): 63, t. 132. [Also given as 1862]

Mimosa hostilis (Martius) Bentham Transactions of the Linnean Society of London 30(3)(1875): 415

Mimosa limana Rizzini Leandra; revista de informação científica do departamento de botânica 4-5(1974): 14, est. 12.

Mimosa maracasensis Harms 1906 Bahia collection Ule 8956 in G! HAMB! K!

Mimosa nigra J.Huber Bulletin de l'Herbier Boissier, sér. 2, 1(1901): 303

Mimosa ophthalmocentra Martius Transactions of the Linnean Society of London 30 (3) (1875): 415.

Mimosa tenuiflora (Willdenow) Poiret Encyclopedie Methodique. Botanique ... Supplement 1(1)(1810): 82. [non M. tenuiflora Bentham]

Mimosa verrucosa Bentham Journal of Botany (Hooker) 4(31)(1841): 390. [A second series of the Botanical Miscellany]