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Ayahuasca: alkaloids, plants & analogs
assembled by Keeper of the Trout
Section 3: Part 2 :

Several Acacia species have an alkaloid content indicating or at least suggesting they are capable of serving as ayahuasca analog admixtures

None of these are known to have traditional use as an ayahuasca admixture but this is in the process of changing. See admixture list for some that have been purported to be incorporated into the brew.

We will present these as two separate groupings.

The southern Mexican Acacia cornigera is suggested by Rätsch as containing DMT in its bark but the analytical work cited has not been located.

There is also some badly referenced and - although intriguing- ill-supported and seemingly confused material online asserting a Middle Eastern tradition of religious use for Acacia tortilis, Acacia seyal and/or Acacia sieberiana being used along with Peganum harmala as a traditional secret visionary potion. We welcome actually learning more details but even any sort of tangible reference would be greatly welcomed.

Our inquiry for more details received a reply that this information could not be shared with us unless we first paid for and participated in their course of training surrounding the purported religious use of these plants.

Our present suspicion based on the wording asccompanying these unsupported claims is that their source of information was actually a misreading of a published account stating that there was NO detectable DMT in the leaves these 3 African Acacia species.

It is quite likely that several African species will be found to have potent roots: See our work on the genus Acacia for more details on these some potential candidates and our reasoning for this assertion.

We also received an oral accounting purporting that two Arizona (USA) Acacia species had been found with levels of DMT capable of serving as an admixture plant or alkaloid source.

Further details have not materialized but more DMT containing species are quite likely to eventually be uncovered out of the 600-2000 described Acacia species.

There are no doubt others native to Africa, Australia, Asia, the Americas or the Pacific island nations that will be uncovered and employed in the future. We include details only for those that are both known to be (at least potentially) effective and which are presently available as seeds and/or living plants.