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Datura stramonium

"Jimson weed" or "Malpitte" A green-stemmed, hairless annual, 2 to 4 feet tall, with few branches and two 8 inch long ovate leaves. The flowers are white, 4 inches long. The capsule is egg-shaped, to 2 inches long, filled with many black seeds. In D. Stramonium var. tatula the flower is violet-purple or lavender; the stems are purple. Naturalized throughout the world. They are easily grown from seeds, which sprout quickly even without bottom heat. Does well in rich soil in a dry, sunny location. May be sown in the open in May in mounds 18 inches apart with four seeds in each mound. Thin out all but the healthiest plant after sprouting.

From the Allies catalog :
Widespread annual bush known for its spiny seedpods and toxic seeds. This plant has a legendary reputation for healing asthmatic and bronchial conditions as well as for producing toxic hallucinations. Striking compact plant with erect white trumpets. In our area they commonly grow in the fruit orchards.

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