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c. 1000 BCE - 392 CE Annual mystery rites dedicated to the goddess Demeter are held in the Greek city of Eleusis. The weeks-long celebration culminates in an all-night secret initiation rite. Some speculate that the initiation may have involved drinking a hallucinogenic potion containing ergot alkaloids. 1  
600 BCE Assyrians describe ergot as a "noxious postule in the ear of grain." 2  
1039 The first-known European outbreak of "Holy Fire" afflicts Dauphiné, France, the burial place of Saint Anthony. Members of his holy order form a hospital and begin caring for the afflicted, and the ailment subsequently becomes known as "Saint Anthony's Fire". Following the introduction of rye into Europe, ergot epidemics become a periodic fact of life. 2   [Details]
Middle Ages Midwives use weak ergot extracts to hasten labor and reduce postpartum bleeding. 3  
1676 Ergot is discovered to be a cause of bread poisoning by Denis Dodart, who reports his findings to the French Royal Academy of Sciences. 4  
1692 The salem witch trials in Salem, Massachussettes, may have been prompted by an outbreak of ergotism. 4  
1807 In one of the first mentions of ergot in the United States, physician John Stearns recommends powdered ergot sclerotia as a therapeutic agent in childbirth, inaugurating modern scientific research into ergot's medicinal properties. 4  
1823 Ergot alkaloids are no longer used during childbirth, but are administered afterwards to prevent postpartum hemorrhage. 5  
Late 19th Century Extracts of ergot are first used to treat vascular and migraine headaches   
Nov 16, 1938 Albert Hofmann, a chemist working for Sandoz Pharmaceutical in Basel, Switzerland, is the first to synthesize LSD-25. He discovered LSD, a semi-synthetic derivative of ergot alkaloids, while looking for a blood stimulant. 6  
1951 Contaminated flour causes an epidemic of delirium and fevers in Saint-Pont-Esprit, France, causing 200 illnesses and 4 deaths. French authorities alternately blame ergot and mercury poisoning. 7  

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