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Kleven MS, Seiden LS. 
“Toxicity of Amphetamine-related Drugs and Resulting Behavioural Changes”. 
NIDA Res Monogr. 1989;94:603-606.
It is well known that brief exposure to a variety of amphetimine analogs causes long lasting neurotoxic changes in dopamine and/or serotonin neurons in the CNS. The functional consequences of this toxicity have not been determined. Administration of fenfluramine to rats twice daily for 4 days produces long lasting depletions of serotonin and results in tolerence to both anorectic and neurochemical effects of acute fenfluramine. On the other hand, a 4 day regimen of MDMA enhances the effect of acute MDMA on a DRL schedule of reinforcement as well as morphine analgesia. These studies indicate that short term exposure to neurotoxic amphetimines can cause long lasting changes in sensitivity to either the same or different drugs.
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