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Hanes KR. 
“Antidepressant Effects of the Herb Salvia Divinorum: A Case Report”. 
J Clin Psychopharmacology. 2001;21:634-635.
A case report of a 26 year old woman with treatment-resistant chronic depression who reports long lasting alleviation of symptoms with acute and chronic administration of Salvia divinorum.

Excerpt: Ms. G volunteered that she has also benefited from occasional intoxicating oral doses of salvia divinorum, consisting of from 8–16 leaves of the herb (approximately 2 to 4 grams), claiming that this herb had engendered a kind of “psychospiritual” awakening, characterized by the discovery of the depth of her sense of self, greater self-confidence, increased feelings of intuitive wisdom and “connectedness to nature.”
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