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Eichenberger E, Friolet B. 
“Pharmakologische Beeinflussung des Pyrogen- und LSD-Fiebers des Kaninchens”. 
Helvet. physiol. et pharmacol. acta. 1957;15:C 60.
1. A study was made of the effects of various drugs which exert a central or peripheral effect on the ANS on the pyrexia produced in the rabbit by i.v. injection of 1 mcg. pyrexal (bacterial pyrogen) and 10 mcg/kg LSD. Both types of pyrexia are central in origin and are accompanied by symptoms of sympathicotonia. . The drugs studied were injected i.v. 30 minutes before pyrexal or LSD. . The pyretogenic effect of LSD was potentiated by amphetamine, reserpine and, to a lesser extent, by regitine and morphine (10 mg/kg). It was practically not affected by numal (a barbiturate), slightly inhibited by iproniazid and markedly inhibited by chlorpromazine and by morphine (1 mg/kg). The pyretogenic effect of pyrexal was inhibited, to varying degrees, by all these drugs. . 2. Confirmation of the observation by Gogerty et al., No. 353, that reserpine potentiates or inhibits the pyretogenic effect of LSD, depending on the interval between the administration of reserpine and that of LSD.
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