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Bente D, Itil T. 
“Vergleichende klinisch-elektroencephalographische Untersuchungen mit Pervitin und LSD-25.”. 
Psychotropic drugs. 1957;p284.
A comparison was made of the effects of LSD (20-60 mcg. i.v.) and pervitin (15-30 mg. i.v.) in the same subjects. . Both agents accelerated the EEG especially when this was slowed (by chlorpromazine, in epilepsy etc.). The main difference was that LSD, but not pervitin, elicited rhythmical activity. LSD depressed spontaneous cerebral activity. Pervitin increased amplitude. . Clinically, those schizophrenics who had shown some improvement as a result of tranquilizer therapy were strikingly sensitive to LSD. In these subjects pervitin produced more non-specific emotional stimulation. Consequently, the psychotropic effect of LSD is due to interference with various, contrasting neurophysiological processes.
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