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Vinar O. 
“Analogien zwischen schizophrenen Erkrankungen und der LSD-Psychose.”. 
Psychiatrie. 1958;10:162-166.
A comparison was made of schizophrenia and psychotomimetic states induced by LSD. . LSD-induced symptoms, like some schizophrenic symptoms, respond to tranquilizers. If 50 mg chlorpromazine is given i.v. at the peak of the LSD-effect, anxiety disappears within 2 minutes, optical hallucinations within 5 minutes and all symptoms within 15 minutes. Chlorpromazine pre-treatment prevents the psychic effects of LSD. . In three subjects 4 mg reserpine given over a period of 2 days caused drowsiness and fatigue, then vertigo and a feeling of insecurity. If LSD was then given, an intense feeling of unreality developed within 2 hours. The subject experienced a feeling of emptiness in his head, his affect was inadequate and he had no powers of self-criticism. Reserpine prevented the development of LSD-induced hallucinations, but reserpine + LSD elicited a psychic syndrome more closely resembling schizophrenia than that caused by LSD alone in the same subject. . The findings in certain tests, e.g. association tests, psychogalvanic skin reflex, showed similar changes in schizophrenics and subjects given LSD. If the LSD-induced psychosis was aborted by chlorpromazine, the results of the test were normal again within 1 hour. . The author considers that a normal subject given LSD looks on the pathological state induced by LSD rather as a spectator, whereas a schizophrenic is, from the outset, an actor portraying a problem which affects him personally.
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