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Costa E, Zetler G. 
“Effect of epinephrine on adrenal ascorbic acid following premedication with lysergic acid diethylamides or 5- hydroxyindolalkylamines.”. 
Proc. Soc. Exper. Biol. Med.. 1958;98:249.
Adrenal ascorbic acid depletion produced in rats by epinephrine (25 mcg/kg i.p.) was potentiated by LSD (10 mcg/kg i.p.), 5-HT (30 mcg/kg i.p.) and bufotenin (30 mcg/kg i.p.), BOL 148 (40 mcg/kg i.p.) did not exert a potentiating effect. . The threshold doses of bufotenin and 5-HT enhancing epinephrine-induced contraction of the nictitating membrance in the cat were 4.82 mcg/kg i.v. and 88.01 mcg/kg i.v., respectively.
Notes # : (auch BOL 61)
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