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Benassi F. 
“Esperienze cliniche sulle attivitą farmacodinamiche di un antimetabolita della serotonina: il B.A.S.”. 
Riv. sper. freniatr.. 1958;82:330.
Studies in 21 hospitalized mental patients and in 5 controls showed that 1-benzyl-2, 5-dimethylserotonin (BAS) exerted a beneficial effect. A study was therefore made of the antagonism of BAS to LSD in 10 subjects (8 schizophrenics and 2 controls). 100 mcg LSD was given i.v. for several days 150-200 mg BAS was given orally each day. Then a single dose of 100 mcg LSD was given i.v. . In all the schizophrenics LSD alone exacerbated the disease process. . BAS pre-treatment considerably modified the effects of LSD. The neurovegetative effects of LSD were reduced or inhibited, as were anxiety reactions. There was a tendency to drowsiness, ideation and motor slowing down in 3 cases. Euphoria and excitement were seen in three cases. Hallucinations were experienced by four cases but were less dramatic and shorter than after LSD alone. In only one case were the symptoms aggravated as after LSD alone. In all the other cases the psychic picture remained substantially the same or, if aggravated, to a lesser extent than after LSD alone. . BOL 148 and MLD 41 have been found, by other authors, to protect against the effects of LSD.
Notes # : (auch BOL-Erw.A)
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