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Söderberg U. 
“Short term reactions in the thyroid gland revealed by continuous measurement of blood flow, rate of uptake of radioactive iodine and rate of release of labeled hormones”. 
Acta physiol.Scandinav.. 1958;42:Suppl.147.
A study was made in 66 rabbits and 19 cats of the effects of various drugs on blood flow in the thyroid in situ, storage of radioactive iodine in the thyroid (immediately after i.v. injection of NaII31) and release of radioactive thyroxin (1 to 3 days after injection of I131). . LSD (100 mcg i.v.) caused transient vasoconstriction, beginning 30 seconds after injection. Iodine storage was slightly reduced during this time. LSD had no effect on the release of thyroxin. . BOL 148 (0.5 mg i.v.) caused marked vasodilatation and a striking increase in iodine storage which set in before the vasodilator effect. In animals with semi-denervated thyroid BOL 148 had no effect on thyroxin release from the denervated half, but transiently increased thyroxin release from the other half by approximately 100 percent. This effect of BOL 148 must be transmitted by nervous pathways the details of which are not yet known.
Notes # : (auch BOL 57)
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