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Borgstedt HH. 
“The effect of serotonin and LSD on the isolated dog ureter.”. 
Fed. Proc.. 1959;18(Part I):370.
"The effects of serotonin creatinine sulfate and LSD were studied on the perfused isolated dog ureter with an apparatus which records intraluminal pressure, perfusion rate and longitudinal contractions simultaneously. Serotonin in concentrations between 1x10-11M and 2x10-4M, when added either to the bath or to the perfusion fluid did not cause contractions in non-perfused ureters or upon elevation of pressure. LSD, when added to the bath in concentrations of 0.7x10-7M or over, caused the ureter to respond with contractions upon elevation of pressure. The responses were similar to those seen with histamine. When added to the perfusion fluid the response was essentially the same after an increased period of time. The contractions induced by LSD could not be abolished by serotonin, diphenhydramine (which does abolish histamine-induced contractions), astropine or dihydroergotamine in reasonable concentrations. Spontaneous contractions were not inhibited by serotonin. This study suggests some fundamental difference between the initiation and propagation of peristalsis in the gut and the ureter."
Notes # : (Amer. Soc. for pharmacol. & exp. therap., Atlantic City, NJ, Apr 13-17, 1959)
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