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Tedeschi DH, Tedeschi RE, Fellows EJ. 
“The effects of tryptamine on the central nervous system, including a pharmacological procedure for the evaluation of iproniazid-like drugs.”. 
J.Pharmacol.Exper.Ther.. 1959;126:223.
Reports in the literature show that tryptamine acts on the same receptors as 5-HT in the periphery. As this might also be true on the central nervous system, a study was made of the effects of various drugs on the central effects of tryptamine. . Tryptamine i.v. induced convulsions in rats. This convulsant action was potentiated by iproniazid, JB-516 and other drugs. It was antagonized by LSD, BOL-148 and chlorpromazine and other drugs but not by a series of drugs including phenobarbital and diphenylhydantoin. The dose of LSD which was effective also caused piloerection, increased locomotor activity, disorientation, tremor etc. The dose of BOL-148 which was effective did not produce any overt action. BOL-148 also prevented seizures induced by 5- hydroxytryptophane following iproniazid pretreatment. . In rabbits reserpine-induced depression was reversed by infusion of tryptamine. However, when tryptamine was infused in rabbits treated first with reserpine and then with oproniazid, the reserpine-reversing action of tryptamine was markedly potentiated and prolonged. . Prevention of tryptamine-induced convulsions may be used to test drugs which prevent the activation of brain serotonin receptors.
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