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Turner WJ, Almudevar M, Merlis S. 
“Chemotherapeutic trials in psychosis: III Addendum 2-brom-d-lysergic acid diethylamide (BOL).”. 
Amer.J.Psychiat.. 1959;116:261.
Seventy-five mcg. LSD [orally] elicited mental disturbances in six chronic schizophrenics. The patients reported that the LSD experience was not identical with the psychotic experience. They were then given 10 mg. BOL-148 [orally] t.i.d. for 4-5 weeks. In some instances the initial doses elicited a mild LSD-like reaction. The pretreatment prevented the response to 150 or 200 mcg. LSD [orally] but did not alter the psychosis.
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