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Krus DM, Wapner S. 
“Effect of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD-25) on perception of part-whole relationships”. 
J.Psychol.. 1959;48:87-95.
It was hypothesized that LSD, as a "primitivizing agent", would cause normal individuals to operate at a less mature level in the perception of part-whole relationships. Twenty normal adults performed 3 tests relevant to the perception of part-whole relationships under control conditions and 2-3 hours after 75 mcg. LSD orally. . The hypothesis was substantiated by the results in the Heiss-Sandler figure test (which is based on the ability to abstract a part from the whole)but not by the results in the Muller-Lyer test (which is based on the assimilation of parts to the whole) and in the Titchener circles illusion test (which is based on a contract relationship between parts).
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