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Chandler AL, Hartman MA. 
“Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD-25) as a facilitating agent in psychotherapy.”. 
A.M.A.Arch.Gen.Psychiat.. 1960;2:286.
110- neurotics and psychopaths (62 men, 48 women aged 15-62) received LSD from 1-26 times: gradually increased from 50 to 150 mcg. orally at intervals of 1-6 (usually 2) weeks; some of them had already been given psychoanalytic treatment for 6 years without marked result. Choice of cases, preparation of LSD treatment, abortion (50 mg. chlorpromazine and/or 100 mg. Secobarbital orally; possibly 50 mg. chlorpromazine or 100 mg. prochlorpromazine t.i.d.) and psychotherapeutic technique are described in detail. . LSD was very effective in 73 cases (66.4%), especially striking in 50 (45.5%) of these cases, i.e. only by the aid of LSD was it possible to understand and solve the fundamental problems. In only 3 cases did LSD fail to facilitate psychotherapy. . Side effects occurred only once as transient psychic reaction following administration of LSD. One case of suicide (described in detail) is not attributable to LSD. . Compared with the previous therapy without drugs the combination of LSD and deep psychotherapy caused, in most cases, a more profound penetration and an accelerated psychotherapeutic effect. Some patients were made accessible to psychoanalysis only by LSD.
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