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Sankar DVS. 
“Biochemical aspects of "LSD-psychosis"”. 
Fed.Proc.. 1960;19:264.
Enzymatic studies were done with BOL-148 and LSD on cerebral and cerebellar homogenates of rats. LSD enhanced the oxidation of glucose, succinate and citrate by the cerebral preparations while it depressed or did not have a marked effect on the cerebellar enzymatic activity. The effects of reserpine and serotonin were similar to those of LSD while the action of BOL-148 was different. . The metabolic effects of LSD and BOL-148 were investigated using intact rats. LSD decreased urinary urea and keto acid excretion, which may possibly involve oxidative metabolism as related to liver function. The present studies show somatic involvement in an experimental "psychosis".
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