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Aston R, Cullumbine H. 
“The effect of combinations of ataraxics with hypnotics, LSD and iproniazid in the mouse”. 
Arch. internat. Pharmacodyn.. 1960;126:219.
Influence of LSD on the potentiation of anesthesia. Reserpine, chlorpromazine, azacyclonol, meprobamate and SKF-183A or serotonin (5-HT) were administered i.p. to mice together with hexobarbitone sodium or ethanol. One group of the animals had received LSD (1 mcg/kg i.p.) before the administration of the hypnotic. . The sleeping time due to hexobarbitone was prolonged after all ataraxics and due to ethanol it was prolonged in all cases but those receiving azacyclonol. . LSD reduced significantly the sleeping time after administration of hexobarbitone in the case of 5-HT, reserpine and chlorpromazine but the duration of hexobarbitone-induced sleep was not affected after meprobamate or azacyclonol. A slight increase in prolongation followed SKF-183A. In ethanol-induced sleep LSD blocked the prolongation of sleep only in the case of reserpine and 5-HT. . Effect of tranquilizers and serotonin after pretreatment with iproniazid: Pretreatment with iproniazid (on the day before the experiment) had no influence on the depressant effect of meprobamate or SKF-183A, intensified the depressant action of chlorpromazine and caused central stimulation by reserpine (after 5-HT only slight excitation). Azacyclonol had no significant effect with or without iproniazid.
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