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Rojas Bermúdez JG. 
“Tratamiento combinado de psicoanálisis y LSD 25 en niños psicoticos. ”. 
Acta neuropsiquiát. argent.. 1960;6:497-500.
Four schizophrenic children and 2 with infantile autism, received LSD as an aid to psychotherapy. Dosage of LSD orally: initially 2 mcg/kg in psychotics increased to 300 mcg; and 1 mcg/kg in nonpsychotic children. This dosage was increased until behavior had changed, then subsequently reduced by 50 mcg. until an effective minimal dose of 50 to 100 mcg. was reached. Four to five normal sessions without LSD and 1 LSD-session a week were regarded as most suitable. The LSD-session lasted for about 5 hours; 1 hour before terminating it the children received 0.10 to 0.30 gm. amobarbital and 0.025 to 0.050 gm. chlorpromazine. The children were watched until they fell asleep. . Since treatment under ideal conditions has so far been impossible, the following experiments refer only to short-term therapy. Results were very good with LSD, manifested by an improvement in language, a greater naturalness in playing, improved affective contact, more adequate reactions to stimulation, disappearance of autoaggression, hallucinations, sleeping and behavior disturbances, and an improvement in learning abilities. . Side effects did not occur. The author particularly emphasizes that LSD is excellently tolerated by children. . The author further mentions an additional case (a 4-year-old, non-psychotic girl), where a single dose of 75 mcg. LSD in combined therapy had a good effect lasting for two years.
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