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Delay J, Pichot P, Lempérière T, Nicolas-Charles P, Quétin AM. 
“Les effets somatiques de la Psilocybine”. 
Ann. Méd. Psychol.. 1959;117:891-899.
Psilocybin was given 16 trials in 13 normal subjects and 36 trials in 30 psychiatric patients. The normal subjects were given 5-14 (usually 10) mg. Psilocybin orally, the patients were given 6-14 (average 9.2) mg. orally or 6-10 (average 6.5) mg. s.c. or 6-15 (average 9.5) mg. i.m. . Neurovegetative symptoms: Mydriasis, changes in pulse rate (usually slowing) and blood pressure (usually moderate hypotension) and vasomotor disorders (flushes, sweating, feeling of coldness). . Neurological symptoms: Increased patellar reflex, vertigo or disorder of coordination, tremor (emotionally induced tremor disappeared in 1/3 of the cases), muscle-twitching, hyperesthesia, or hyperalgesia, headache. . Other symptoms: Weakness, drowsiness, gastro-intestinal disorders (nausea, gastric and intestinal cramping, dryness of the mouth) in half the cases. . The symptoms varied greatly from case to case. The most frequent were: mydriasis, vasomotor disorders, and changes in heart rate, blood pressure and reflexes. Fatigue and headache occurred mainly in the normal subjects.
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