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Horita A, Weber LJ. 
“Dephosphorylation and oxidation of Psilocybin and Psilocin by mammalian tissue preparations”. 
Federation Proc.. 1961;20(Part I):172.
"Purified intestinal alkaline phosphatase has been shown to dephosphorylate Psilocybin to form Psilocin and inorganic phosphate. The present report extends these observations to various mammalian tissue homogenates. The rat and mouse kidney and the intestinal mucosa of rabbits and guinea pigs were active in dephosphorylating Psilocybin.

"During these studies, it was also observed that with certain tissues the dephosphorylation product, psilocin, underwent oxidation to a blue colored product, similar to that seen with Mytilus edulis gills. Heart and kidney homogenates of all species investigated were highly effective in oxidizing Psilocin. This process was inhibited by KCN but not by MAO inhibitors. Its ph optimum was 8.8. Further studies with a rabbit heart mitochondrial preparation and purified pig heart cytochrome oxidase indicate the latter enzyme to be the active system in the oxidation of Psilocin. These processes may play an important role in the central nervous system actions of these agents." . (See S0-0053)

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