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Torre M, Fagiani MB. 
“Assuefazione all'LSD-25. Ricerche sulfa Risposta Condizionata di Fuga nel Ratto.”. 
Boll.Soc.Ital.Biol.Sper.. 1972;48(20):590-92.
The effect of LSD-25 habituation on the conditioned avoidance response in the rat has been studied. Method A conditioned response was elicited in a shuttle box. Con-ditioned rats, after giving constant results in 3 sessions, were divided into 2 groups, in one of which 10 rats were treated daily with LSD-25 0.06mg/kg i.p. for 4 days; in the other, rats received an i, equal-volume of physiological saline. The number of conditioned responses per rat was recorded automatically, in the case of the : - treated animals 10 min after the drug administration each day The number of responses in the controls was 28.5 + 2.83 This fell significantly to 8.8 + 3.55 after the first injection of LSD25, and was still significantly lower after the 2nd injection 24 hr later (21.9 + 9.1). Values after the 3rd and 4th injections (30.1 and 30.2 respectively) did not differ significantly from controls. The results confirm a rapid and complete development of habituation to LSD-25 as measured by this technique
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