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Liaison M, Meyerson BJ. 
“Influence of LSD and Apomorphine on Hormone-Activated Copulatory behavior in the female rat”. 
Acta physiol.scand.. 1973;89(Suppl 396):86.
Enchanced moncaminergic activity lowers the estrogen+ progesterone activated copulatory response (lordosis reflex) in female ovariectomized rats. An antagonist action of serotonin has been suggested, based upon the influence of neuropharmacological agents with different actions on central nervous monoaminergic mechanisms studies have now been conducted to investigate the effects on the female copulatory response of LSD and apomorphine. Accumulating evidence agoniatic effects of LSD on central serotonin receptors and of apomorphine on dopamine receptors. LSD, 0.1 mg/kg, significantly lowered the lordosis reflex 10 min after injection. Higher doses had a m-ore prolonged effect with complete recovery at 90 min. The influence of LSD was lowered by a-m-cyrosine, 200 mg/kg 5 he before LSD, and prolonged by p-chloro - phenylalanine, 350 mg/kg, 5 he prior-to LSD. Chlorpromazine, 0.5 mg/kg, 1 he before, did not alter the LSD effect, but the dopamine antagonist pimozid, 0.5 mg/kg, 1 hr before lowered the inhibitory effect of LSD. Aponorpliine, 0,20 mgkg signigicantly reduced the lordo-sia reflex to min later, with complete recovery at 60 min. Recovery from ahigher dose was only achieved in 120 min. This effect was blocked by treatment with pimozid, 3 hrs before, but was not altered by alpha-m-tyrosine pretreatment. The results will be discussed in relation to the implication of serotoninergic and dopaminergic mechanisms in the inhibition of hormone activated copulatory responding in the female rat.
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