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Fontana AE, Reynoso R. 
“Individual psychotherapy with hallucinogens”. 
Psychotherapy with Hallucinogens. 1965;p87-136.
Individual psychotherapy with. hallucinogens is discussed. The screening of a patient for psychotherapy with hallucinogens is described: setting the number and duration of. sessions; setting the time Period between the beginning of treatment and the first treatment with .hallucinogens; evaluation of the actual state of the patient through a series of tests to ascertain whether the drug's effect might, be.more harmful than beneficial.. The announcement of.the..first treatment with hallucinogens often causes many,fantasies in the patient. Instructions given to the patient prior to the experiment, dosages administered, and the outcome of a first.session with LSD are described by.means of examples taken from various treatments. Child psychotherapy with Hallucinogens is also described. 155 references.
Notes # : Psicoterapia con alucinogenos
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