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Foote WE, Lieb JP, Martz RL. 
“Effect of hydrocortisone on single unit activity: in midbrain raphe.”. 
Brain Research. 1972;41(1):242-244.
The effects of intravenous:administration of 10 - 15mg/kg hydrocortisone (Solu-cortef) on firing rates of raphe cells in albino rats were in - vestigated to determine. interrelations between - serotonin metabolism and neuronal activity. No raphe cell was unaffected by Solu-cortef, and 11 cells showed a significant. partial 'or total inhibi - tion of spontaneous. activity. Unlike LSD-25, which produces. inhibition within 30-60 seconds after administration, the effects of Solu-cortef were apparent only after 5-8-minutes. The delay between injection and inhibition may.reflect enzy - matic induction of tryptophan hydroxylase with a . consequent increase in serotonin synthesis. As with LSD

injection, the nervous system may sense the serotonin excess and inititate an inhibi - tory feedback process which decreases the neu - ronal firing rates 10 references.

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