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Loeffler L J, Hinds C J. 
“Isolation of Lysergide (LSD) with Agrose-Bound Antibodies to Lysergic Acid”. 
J.Pharm.Sci.. 1975;64(11):1890-94.
Agarose-bound antibodies to lysergic acid were synthesized and used for isolation of LSD from solution. LSD (I, see below) was coupled to the beaded agarose deriva five (II) in the presence of a carbodiimide reagent (III) to form the affinity absorbent (IV). Sheep LSD antiserum (formed after injec lion of LSD-human serum albumin complex) was equilibrated on a - column of IV; The LSD antibody was retained on the column the specific antibody to LSD was then bound to the aside derivative of II and an column with high affinity for 3H-LSD in solution was produced. Retained LSD could be elated from the column by washing with 0.1 M HC1. This affinity chromatography technique may be of value (In conjunction with radioimmunoassay) in isolation of small quantities of LSD, and in the elimination of compounds likely to interfere with AD assay in studies of the brain or other tissues.
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