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McCabe OL, Savage C, Kurland A. 
“Psychedelic (LSD) therapy of neurotic disorders: short-term effects”. 
Journal of Psychedelic Drugs. 1972;5(1):18-28.
Using a psychoneurotic population, the shortterm effects of one therapeutically designed low -dose LSD exposure, of a high-dose exposure, and a comparison of these to each other and a conventional treatment group are assessed. Using test behavior as the criterion, the present investigation suggests that psychedelic psychotherapy can affect personality change in subjects willing to undergo such a procedure. The rapidity with which this occurs, seems attributable to the pharmacologically-induced receptivity occasioned by the LSD administration, and must be considered promising in light of the time and environmental manipulation on which other methods of behavior modification rely. 41 references. : (Author abstract modified)
Notes # : Unger S (additional author?) (Nur Abstract aus: Psychopharmacology Abtracts vo. 11, no. 4, p. 930 (1974) vorhanden)
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