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Palider W, Rawlow A. 
“Effect of Serotonin Uptake Blocking Agents on the Flexor Reflex of Hind Limb of the Spinal Rat”. 
Pol.J.Pharmacol.Pharm.. 1977;29(4):367-76.
The role of serotonin uptake in the hind limb flexor reflex was studied in the spinal rat. Methods Experiments were carried out on groups of 4-15 male (180-270 g) rats. The hind paw was stimulated electrically and the twitch of the anterior tibial muscle was recorded, The effect of the following drug treatments was studied: i.p. cyproheptadine (Peritol, EGYT) i,v, fenfluramine (Servier), FG-4963 (Ferrosan) H-22154 (Haessle), imipramine,HC1 (Polfa), clomipramine (Anafranil, ClBA-Geigy), quipazine (Miles), LSD (Delysid, Sandoz) i.p. danitracen (Thomae) and s.c. reserpine (Rausedyl, Richter). Results . 2-150 mg/kg imipramine and 1-8 mg/kg clomipramine had inconsistent effects on the flexor reflex. FG-4963 was also inconsistent but sometimes produced a strong and long lasting potentiation, The potentiation of the flexor reflex by imipramine or FG-4963 was inhibited by 1 mg/kg cyproheptadine or 3 mg/kg danitracen, The effects of imipramine on the stimulation of the flexor reflex by 3 mcg/kg LSD was inconsistent but the potentiation by 1-2 mg/kg fenfluramine was inhibited by imipramine and clomipramine, Quipazine produced a dose dependent stimulation of the flexor reflex which was blocked by 1 mg/kg cyproheptadine or 3 mg/kg danitracen and partially antagonized by imipramine nd clomipramine. Pretreatment wth 5 mg/kg reserpine and 500 mg/kg H22/54 did not affect the quipazine induced potentiation of the flexor reflex.
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