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Kršuchi K, M. Lichtsteiner M, Gentsch C, Feer H. 
“In Vivo 3H-d-LSD-binding in punched out brain regions”. 
Experientia. 1979;35:950-1.
We improved the brain dissection technique of our in vivo 3H-d-LSD-binding-method in the rat (Experientia 34/6, 761, 1978). It has the advantage of being able to measure the 3H-d-LSD-binding in specific brain regions and nuclei. Transverse parallel slices (01 mm) were prepared on a slicing-apparatus at a temperatur of –20 °C. Different regions and nuclei were obtained with a cooled metallic punch (01.5 mm). 3H-d-LSD-binding is expressed as the ratio of cortex to cerebellum. As the most striking result, a gradual increase (2-fold) of d-LSD-binding-sites from occipital to frontal cortex is found. In displacement experiments (co-injection of cold d-LSD), the affinity,of the d-LSD-binding-site to its ligand is homogeneous in all cortical regions. We concluded that the cortex contains a uniform kind of a 'd-LSD-receptor' which is accumulated in the frontal region.
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