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Maj J, Palider W, Rawlów A. 
“The Effect of Haloperidol, Spiperone and Pimozide on the Flexor Reflex of the Hind Limb of the Spinal Rat”. 
J. Neural Transmission. 1978;43:113-120.
It was found that spiperone and pimozide in doses which themselves do not influence the flexor reflex of the hind limb of the spinal rat inhibit stimulation of this reflex induced by serotoninomimetic drugs (LSD and fenfluramine). Higher doses of spiperone depress the flexor reflex and inhibit the induction of the stimulating effect of clonidine. Pimozide has no such effect. Haloperidol in doses which do not influence the action of LSD and fenfluramine produces a depression of the flexor reflex and antagonizes- the action of clonidine. Our findings indicate that, irrespective of their antidopamine action, spiperone has a central antiserotonin effect and an antinoradrenaline one, pimozide--an antiserotonin one and haloperidol-- an antinoradrenaline one.
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