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Minnema DJ, Rosecrans JA. 
“Discriminative Stimulus Interactions of LSD and d-Amphetamine”. 
Pharmacologist. 1980;22(3):170.
Drug discrimination studies suggest that d-amphetamine acts mainly through dopaminergic (DA) systems, and LSD mainly through serotonergic (5HT) systems. LSD does not generalize to the d-amphetamine discriminative stimulus (DS), and visaversa. In rats trained to discriminate d-amphetamine (0.90 mg/kg) from saline in 2 lever, fixed ratio 10 operant paradigm, LSD (7.5) mcg/kg) shifted the d-amphetamine DS dose-response curve to the left. This shift was not parallel, but diminished as the dose of d-amphetamine was increased. This potentiation of the d-amphetamine DS could be blocked by pizotifen (0.3 mg/kg). In rats trained to discriminate LSD (60 mcg/kg) from saline, a parallel shift of the LSD DS dose-response curve to the left occurred in the presence of d-amphetamine (0.17 mg/kg). This potentiation could be antagonized by trifluoperazine (2.0 mg/kg). Thus there appears to be a 5HT component to the LSD potentiated d-amphetamine DS, and a DA component to the d-amphetamine potentiated LSD DS. The DS properties of d-amphetamine or LSD need not be confined to a single neurotransmitter system.
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