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Mokler DJ, Rech RH. 
“Behavioral Effects of Intracerebroventricular Administration of LSD, DOM, Mescaline or Lisurde”. 
Pharmacology Biochemistry & Behavior. 1984;21:281-287.
The effects on a fixed ratio-40 (FR-40) operant behavior of intracerebroventricular (ICY! administration of the hallucinogens lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), l2,5-dimethoxy-4-methylamphetamine (DOM), mescaline or the non-halhecinogenic LSD-analogue lisuride were compared with intraperitoneal (IP) administration. Infusion of LSD (8.5 to 34 Gel into the left lateral ventricle produced a dosedependent decrease in reinforcers and an increase in 10-sec periods of non-responding (pause intervals). The time-course of LSD showed a shorter latency to onset after ICV than IP administration. The ED50 for doses increasing pause intervals by ICV administration was 15 mcg. This disruption was greater than that produced by IP administration of equivalent doses of LSD (IP ED50: 19 mcg). DOM (40 to 120 mcg) infused into the lateral ventricle also produced a dose-dependent disruption of FR-40 behavior. ICV DOM also showed a rapid onset to peak effects, but a slower offset than LSD, and was 3 times more potent than systemic administration (ED50s: 58 mcg ICV vs. 153 mcg IP). Mescaline was much more potent in disrupting IFR-40 behavior by the ICV route than by IP administration. The ICV ED50 for doses of mescaline increasing pause was 74 mcg, in contrast to an ED50 following systemic administration of 2251 mcg, demonstrating a 30-fold difference potency. Lisuride administered via the ICV route was no more potent than by IP administration with ED50s of 4 mcg ICV and 4 mcg IP. Lower doses of lisuride administered by both routes had a similar effect over time on pause intervals. The highest dose produced a peak effect early after ICV administration while IP administration produced a peak-effect late in the session. These data suggest differences in the sites of action of these drugs. Alternatively, the differences in the relative efficacies of ICV administration of LSD, DOM, mescaline and lisuride may reflect differences in rates of distribution and/or metabolism of these drugs.
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