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Ditman KS, Hayman M, Whittlesey JRB. 
“The subjective after-effects of psychedelic experiences: A summary of four recent questionnaire studies”. 
Psychedelic Rev.. 1963;1:18-26.
The results presented below were extracted from four recent studies in which LSD or psilocybin was given to volunteer subjects and the after-effects of one experience assessed by means of questionnaires. The studies selected are concerned only with subjective claims, not with objective ratings or indices. Studies of specific descriptions of the content of psychedelic experiences are not included; the questionnaires were used to obtain from the subjects general evaluations of their experience and its effects. Subjects, methods, and background of each of the four studies will be briefly described. Only a brief discussion is given of the tables (the original papers may be consulted for more extensive evaluation). The purpose of this summary is to present these strikingly similar and in part hitherto unpublished data together in convenient form.
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