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Fisher G. 
“Some comments concerning dosage levels of psychedelic compounds for psychotherapeutic experiences”. 
Psychedelic Rev.. 1963;1:208-18.
Suggestions for dosage are best made for initial experiences, since an individual's receptivity and sensitivity to drugs is so variable that only experimentation with various dosages can determine for any individual the amount of drug that he will require for any particular experience desired. At the outset it should be made clear that this writer does not consider dosage to be the crucial factor in the experience the subject will have. Factors such as the individual's fear of self-exposure; his need to maintain a favorable impression of himself at all times; his willingness to learn; his ability to "go with" changing states of consciousness; the rigidity of belief patterns; the amount of insecurity about his personal worth; his preparation and intent as he goes into the session; his trust in individuals in general and particularly his confidence in the people with him; the wisdom of those who share the experience with him; and the persistence with which he defines himself- all these factors, and many more, are the crucial ones in determining the kind of experience an individual will have with the psychedelic compounds.
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