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Oster G. 
“Moire patterns and visual hallucinations”. 
Psychedelic Rev.. 1966;7:33-40.
During the past few years I have been concerned with the scientific as well as the aesthetic aspects of moire patterns. Moire patterns are the figures produced by the overlapping of two or more families of lines; the locus of points of intersection form the moire pattern. My interest in visual hallucinations as evoked by psychedelic drugs was stimulated by the writings of Aldous Huxley. I was particularly struck by his reference to the fact that under the influence of mescaline, patterned structures (i.e. repetitive structures) such as garden trellis, a striped beach chair, and wood grain appeared to be particularly exciting. It is as if mescaline brings to the fore some screen in the eye which, when superposed on the visual scene, produces a moire pattern. On the basis of this tentative hypothesis I proceeded to devise experiments, the results of which are reported herein.
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