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Frosch WA, Robbins E, Robbins L, Stern M. 
“Motivation for self-administration of LSD”. 
Psychiat.Quart.. 1967;41:56-61.
The popular books and articles which have been written about LSD in recent years have primarily heralded its beneficial effects, particularly its capacity to "expand the consciousness" and open the way to greater self-understanding, increased artistic powers and a richer and fuller life in general. The increasing popularity of the drug and the avidity with which it is now used would appear to be a testimonial to the hopes and expectations of the takers. This increased popularity of the drug is reflected in a striking increase in the number of patients admitted to Bellevue Hospital following ingestion of LSD. Clinical observations on these patients have been published elsewhere. In the early part of 1966, 34 patients hospitalized following ingestion of LSD were extensively interviewed with regard to the positive effects why felt had accrued from taking LSD. In this paper, their opinions of the changes that occurred from taking the drug as well as the writers' objective impressions and evaluations will be presented.
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