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Lienert GA. 
“Konfigurationsfrequenzanalyse einiger Lysergsäurediäthylamid-Wirkungen”. 
Arzneimittel-Forsch.. 1970;20:912-913.
Configural frequency analysis (CFA) is a method of analysing n-dimensional contingency cubes formed by n binary characteristics (symptoms, effects) observed in each of a sample of N individuals (subjects, patients) proposed by the author (Lienert, 1968) for classifying patients according to symptoms (Lienter and v.Kerekjarto, 1969; Lienert and Matussek, 1970) or subjects according to drug effects (Lienert, 1970). As will be shown, the CFA may be used also for evaluating changes in symptom pattern by comparing symptom patterns before and after treatment, where treatment means elapse of time or administration of a drug. The following example (Lienert, 1964) stems from experimental psychopathology, where symptoms were induced by experimental psychopathology, where symptoms were in induced by lysergic acid diethylamid (LSD) and �treated� by mental activation.
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