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Eisner, BG. 
“Observations on the Psychotherapeutic Use of Ritalin Alone and in Combination with LSD-25”. 
Unpublished. 1968.
In the search for biochemical means to facilitate psycho-therapy, a number of drugs have been used singly and in combination. To date, LSD-25 has been found by the author to be the most effective pharmacological aid in consistently lowering ego defensiveness, enhancing rapport, and making unconscious material available while consciousness remained clear.

It was the anti-depressant ritalin, which was here found most valuable for several purposes: safely lowering defensive barriers for a short period of time not only in drug sessions themselves but also as a precursor to LSD treatments to accustom individuals to the experience of physiologically lowering psychological controls. By itself ritalin proved useful as an adjunct to conventional psychotherapy for office interviews, especially effective as an aid to working through problems of past time.

[Erowid Note: This article was never published or delivered because Russia invaded Czechoslovakia and the conference was called off.]
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