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Check E. 
“Comfortably Numb”. 
Nature. 2006 12 Oct443:629-631.
It started life as an anaesthetic, then became a psychedelic club drug. Now researchers think ketamine could hold the key to understanding and treating depression, says Erika Check.

B held my hand and we started our roller coaster out… I can’t feel my body anymore except this overriding general fuzziness. The lines on the ceiling become a tunnel and I am flying down it faster than sound... Then the room does a somer sault and I with it... I’m scared... this is a thrill ride and the car is the dimensions of existence.

Such are the wonders of the drug ketamine, according to U.S. 9, who described this experience with the drug on an online forum called the Erowid Experience Vaults1. Many others around the world use ketamine illegally, going “down the K-hole” to abandon reality and alter their consciousness. Now neuro scientists are getting in on the act. They are finding that although ketamine makes some lose their minds, it might help others to find their sanity.
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