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Tupper KW. 
“Entheogens and Education: Exploring the Potential of Psychoactives as Educational Tools”. 
J Drug Ed and Awareness. 2003;1(2):145-161.
This paper looks at the possible applications of entheogens (i.e. psychoactive plants and chemicals used as spiritual sacraments) as potential educational tools to stimulate foundational types of understanding. The prescient observations of Aldous Huxley concerning what he saw as a malaise in contemporary education--no less relevant today in the 21st century than when he first made them fifty years ago--offer an impetus to reconsider the value of tradtionally used "plant teachers". I outline the ideas of educational theorist Kieran Egan and philosopher Richard Shusterman, who portray mythic and somatic forms of understanding as foundational, yet largely neglected in modern pedagogy and philosophy, an show how entheogens might function withing their theoretical frameworks to provide richer educational experiences.
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