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Forsyth AJ. 
“Places and patterns of drug use in the Scottish dance scene”. 
Addiction. 1996 Apr;91(4):511-21.
Interviews were conducted with 135 participants in the Glasgow dance (rave) scene. Drug use in this group was varied and not merely restricted to drugs associated with dance events, such as MDMA (Ecstasy). The setting in which each drug was used varied greatly. Amphetamine, nitrites and Ecstasy were the drugs most commonly used at dance events. Pharmaceuticals were least likely to be used in such settings. However, some drugs, such as Temazepam, were sometimes used prior to or after attending rave events. It is suggested that dance drug users are polydrug users who use drugs in a setting specific fashion. As such it would be wrong to classify such users solely on the grounds of their very visible behaviour in the public arena (at dance events). Other forms of substance use engaged in by this group may have a greater potential for harm than that seen at raves. The implications of these findings are discussed.
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