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Sollertinskaya TN, Korinkina NN. 
“Vasopressin and Memory in Monkeys”. 
Zhurnal Vysshey Nervnoy Deyatel'nosti im. I.P. Pavlova. 1999 Mar-Apr;49(2).
The role of vasopressin (arginin-vasopressin) in the regulation of conditioned instrumental- food-procuring reactions and different kinds of memory such as delayed reflexes, image, short-, and long-time memory was studied in monkeys. Motor and autonomic effects of vasopressin were assessed. It was found that in monkeys, vasopressin administration differently affected the simple conditioned food-procuring reactions and memory. During functional disorders of the higher nervous activity, vasopressin was more efficient in its action on memory and its restoration. Formation of two types of vasopressin effects on the higher nervous activity in evolution of mammals is discussed.
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