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Eddy M. 
“Ecstasy: Actions of the 107th Congress to Control MDMA”. 
CRS Report. 2003 Jan 22.
Legislation was proposed in the 107th Congress to combat the use and abuse of EcstasyMDMAandother“clubdrugs.” TheRAVEActS.2633/H.R.5519would have intensified federal efforts to control Ecstasy by amending the “crack house statute” to more directly target rave promoters. The Senate bill was reported by the Judiciary Committee and placed on the Senate Legislative Calendar but died at the end of the 107th Congress. Anotherbill,theEcstasyPreventionActof2001S.1208/H.R.2582would have encouraged local communities to crack down on raves and would have authorized additional funds to be used in High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas for anti-Ecstasy law enforcement activities. The Senate attached a version of S. 1208 to the Department of Justice authorization act H.R. 2215, but it was deleted in conference. H.R. 3138 and H.R. 3782 would also have opposed Ecstasy and other club drugs but did not see action. This report will no longer be updated.
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