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Snyder SH, Faillace LA, Weingartner H. 
“DOM STP, a new hallucinogenic drug, and DOET: effects in normal subjects”. 
Am J Psychiatry. 1968 Sep 02;125(3):113-20.
DOM, a hallucinogen related to mescaline and amphetamine and designated 'STP' by hippies, along with DOET, the ethyl homologue of DOM, were given in small doses to normal subjects in a double-blind study. Both drugs increased self-awareness and produced mild euphoria but no hallucinogenic or psychotomimetic effects. The two drugs 'freed up' subjects' word associations without impairing memory or concentration in fact, DOM enhanced performance on serial learning tasks. Although DOM did not affect visual discrimination, it altered the perception of tachistoscopically presented TAT cards.
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