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Fuller RW, Perry KW. 
“Long-lasting depletion of brain serotonin by 4-chloroamphetamine in guinea pigs”. 
Brain Res. 1974 Dec 19;82(2):383-5.
In rats, 4-chloroamphetamine causes a depletion of brain serotonin lasting for many weeks after a single injection of the drug 2,5. In mice, on the other hand, 4- chloroamphetamine produces only a transient depletion of brain serotonin lasting for less than 24 h 4. The mechanism for the long-lasting effect of 4-chloroamphetamine in rats is unknown, but one possibility is the formation of a metabolite that is neurotoxic. The mouse may lack the ability to convert 4-chloroamphetamine to that neurotoxic metabolite.
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