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Fisher G, Martin AJ. 
“The Psychotherapeutic Use Of Psychodysleptic Drugs”. 
Voices: The Art and Science of Psychotherapy. 1970;5:67-72.
In this brief paper we address ourselves primarily to the role of the psychotherapist in the therapeutic use of psychodysleptic drugs. These are drugs which have the unique quality of markedly altering states of consciousness. Two general models of psychotherapeutic endeavor with these drugs have evolved over the past few years, the psychedelic and the psycholytic. The first author has had the bulk of his experience with the first model, whereas the second author, the second model. Although there are somewhat distinctive differences in these models, there is sufficient similarity between them so as to make possible some generalizations concerning the role of the psycholytic therapist.

It is obviously difficult to discuss the role of the therapist without giving some theoretical formulation of the nature of the psychotherapeutic process which utilizes markedly altered levels of consciousness. The basic goal of psychedelic approach is to have the individual experience a transcendental state of consciousness.
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