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Niwaguchi T, Inoue T. 
“Photodecomposition of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD)”. 
Proc. Japan Acad. 1971;47(9):747.
It has already been known that lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and ergot alkaloids are easily decomposed by photoirradiation. Stoll et al.l~ have found that lumi-LSD is obtained by photoirradiation of LSD in acetic acid solution, and Hellberg2~ also has verified that lumi-ergot alkaloids are obtained as photoproducts of ergot alkaloids. Genest et a1.3~ have identified LSD by thin-layer chromatography after photoirradiation of the sample spotted on thin layer utilizing that LSD is photodecomposed to give several spots of photoproducts on the chromatograms but other narcotics are not. Andersen4~ has reported that photoproducts of LSD in chloroform are distinctly different from those of ergot alkaloids by thin-layer chromatography and this fact could be successfully applied to identify LSD and ergot alkaloids. However, correlation between photodecomposition of LSD and irradiation time, and photoproducts except lumi- LSD have not been clarified yet.

In the present work, time courses of photodecomposition of LSD in five kinds of organic solvents, acid and alkaline solution are measured, and photoproducts are separated by thin-layer chromatography.
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