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Martin E. 
“The Pharmaceutical Person”. 
BioSocieties. 2006 Sep;1(3):273-287.
This article is based on an illustrated talk I presented at the British Museum as part of the lecture series 'Making things better'. The central exhibit in the newly opened Wellcome wing of the museum was 'Cradle to grave', a 40-foot table displaying in black net fabric the 14,000 pills taken by a British man and woman over their lifetimes. I trace the historical development of personhood in relation to psychotropic drugs over the last few decades in the US. 'Pills' or, more accurately, 'tablets' and 'capsules', are described as products of manufacturing, as means of enhancing personal capacities and as objects in exhibits. In particular, I analyze the underside of pills—their 'side' effects—in relation to fears and desires characteristic of contemporary US culture.
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