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DEA Intelligence Division. 
“PCP: The Threat Remains”. 
Microgram. 2003 Aug;38(8):181-187.
Since its emergence as a drug of abuse in the late 1960s, phencyclidine (PCP) has been described as one of the most dangerous of all synthetic hallucinogens. Its niche in the drug world is usually one characterized by abusers exhibiting hostile behavior that manifests itself in extremely violent episodes.

Despite the negative effects associated with PCP, there remains an illicit market for the drug. Illicit organizations producing and distributing PCP are still active in the United States. These organizations, composed primarily of African- Americans operating mainly in Los Angeles, and, PCP in tablet form is commonly sold under the guiseto a lesser extent, in Houston, supply most of the of MDMA PCP available in the nation. The recent emergence of large PCP laboratories in other locations, such as Indiana and Maryland, are cause for concern because this may be an indication that the demand for PCP is on the rise. Lending support to this claim is a Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) survey indicating that the number of PCP-related emergency room (ER) visits has increased 78 percent from 1998 to 2001; however, it is still too early to determine if PCP will return as a significant drug of abuse.
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